Các mẫu câu thi viết – Phần 1 | US Citizenship

This video will help you to practice for the writing test portion of the U.S. citizenship naturalization test. Before continue to practice with this video, please make sure that you have studied all of the vocabularies for the writing test. If you did not, please click on this link: https://youtu.be/vWqPdJaSBgQ

Otherwise, please be ready with a pen and a blank paper. I will show the whole sentence first, then I will erase a few words from the sentence so you can fill in the blank. Please keep practicing until you can just listen and write all sentences correctly without looking on the screen. This is the part 1, which includes the first 30 sentences for the writing test practice. Whenever you can write all of those sentences without looking on the screen, you can move forward to the part 2. If you have any other question, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for visiting our channel and good luck for the U.S. citizenship test. Please check our website and follow us on social media:

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Questions in the video:

  1. George Washington was the Father of Our Country.
  2. George Washington is the Father of Our Country.
  3. George Washington is on the one dollar bill.
  4. George Washington is the President on the one dollar bill.
  5. Abraham Lincoln was the President during the Civil War.
  6. The North and the South fought during the Civil War.
  7. The President lives in the White House.
  8. The Capital of the United States is Washington, D.C.
  9. Congress meets in Washington, D.C.
  10. Citizens of the United States have civil rights.
  11. Only United States citizens have the right to vote.
  12. Adams was the second President of the United States.
  13. George Washington was the first President.
  14. Congress makes the federal laws.
  15. The President vetoes bills.
  16. The President signs bills into laws.
  17. The President signs bills to become laws.
  18. The American Indians helped the Pilgrims.
  19. The American Indians lived in the United States first.
  20. All United States citizens have freedom of speech.
  21. All United States citizens have the right to have freedom of speech.
  22. Alaska is the 49th state.
  23. Alaska is the largest state of the United States.
  24. California has the most people.
  25. California is the state that has the most people.
  26. Canada is north of the United States.
  27. California is on the West Coast.
  28. California is a state on the West Coast.
  29. California borders Mexico.
  30. California is a state that borders Mexico.

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